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November 2011
Getting Started With LinkedIn In Your Job Search
 [Newly updated in January 2015]
Our most popular Pass-Along Materials package! This 41-page, step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn in a job search is more than 6,000 words in length, and includes 56 screenshots. Covers every aspect of setting up a LinkedIn account and key activities jobseekers should engage in (joining Groups, for example).
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December 2011
Jobseeker's Guide to References 
[Newly updated in September 2015]
Are your clients confused when you tell them they need to prepare their references as part of their resume development? This guide is a great resource to provide to clients. It includes: What are references, selecting your references, getting permission from your references, what to do with your references, legal implications to references (including dispelling common myths), and what to do about negative references.
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February 2012
Jobseeker's Guide to Salary Negotiation
 [Newly updated in July 2015]
Money is usually the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Discussing compensation often causes anxiety for both employee and employer. This guide will help the jobseeker navigate a salary negotiation or a request for a raise.
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March 2012
Jobseeker's Guide to Online Reputation Management
 [Newly updated in May 2015]
Did you know that 79 percent of hiring managers in the U.S. researched candidates online before making a hiring decision? Are your resume clients prepared for a review of their online presence? This guide will give them a step-by-step guide to assess their online presence, remove digital dirt, secure their privacy settings, and consciously create an online presence that will be beneficial in their job search.
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April 2012
Getting Started with Facebook In Your Job Search
Facebook has more people than LinkedIn -- and can be a great way to conduct a "quiet" job search. You'll find lots of ideas for conducting research for the job search on Facebook in this 27-page, step-by-step guide. (The report is more than 4,200 words in length, and includes 40+ screenshots). It also covers privacy settings in great depth! You'll also get an overview of Facebook applications for the job search: BranchOut, BeKnown, and Glassdoor.
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May 2012
What To Do Next With Your Resume
 [Newly updated in February 2015]
I call this, "You have your resume...now what?" This special report teaches jobseekers how to use their new resume to apply for advertised and unadvertised positions, and identify their "dream employer" so they can target which companies to work for. It also teaches them to get their resumes to recruiters, evaluate resume distribution services, and use the resume to update their LinkedIn profile.
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July 2012
LinkedIn Resources Bundle [Newly updated in March 2015]
7 Reasons Why You Should Be on LinkedIn
4 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn
Don't Make These Mistakes on LinkedIn
Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo
LinkedIn Profile Checklist
"Jobseeker's Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile"

August 2012
Jobseeker's Guide to Leaving Your Job
Advice and information for jobseekers on what to think about before they start their job search, how to handle their departure from their current position (including a sample resignation letter), and how to handle the issue if your current employer makes a counteroffer.
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September 2012
How To Give and Get LinkedIn Recommendations 
 [Newly updated in June 2015]
Comprehensive 26-page guide (4110 words, 28 screen shots) providing advice to jobseekers on what to write in LinkedIn Recommendations, how to actually make a Recommendation (step-by-step, illustrated process), and how to request your own LinkedIn Recommendations.
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October 2012
Position Yourself to Get the Job
Personal branding is a hot topic within the careers field -- but some clients may be uncomfortable -- or unfamiliar -- with "branding" themselves. This Pass-Along Materials package tackles the topic of branding, but from the standpoint of developing a personal positioning statement instead of a "brand." This package also includes an extensive worksheet to help clients come up with their own personal positioning statement.

November 2012
Jobseeker's Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems
With more and more companies using applicant tracking systems to manage applications, this guide covers four main areas: Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems, How Applicant Tracking Systems Work, Setting Up The Resume for Compliance, and Getting Around the ATS. Also includes a checklist for ATS-compliant resumes and a "Do's and Don'ts" tipsheet. Includes step-by-step guide to setting up and using a Preptel account, including screenshots. (You can exclude the Preptel section from the information you publish, if you wish, without affecting the other information.) 
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December 2012
Brag About It
Accomplishments are important for both the resume and the job interview. This 27-page guide provides hundreds of accomplishment-stimulating verbs, formulas for writing accomplishment statements, and a worksheet of questions to help gather information for articulating accomplishments.
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January 2013
Jobseeker's Guide to Working with Recruiters
Do your clients think recruiters will help them find a job? This guide will help jobseekers understand how recruiters work (and who they really work for), how recruiters are paid, and how to connect with recruiters.
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February 2013
Jobseeker's Guide to Networking Your Way to Your Next Job
The people you know can be the best way to find your next job. This guide teaches them who to have in their network, how to use their network (including some cautions, especially when conducting a confidential job search!) and keys to success.
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March 2013
Jobseeker's Guide to Virtual Interviews
A recent OfficeTeam survey found that nearly two-thirds of HR managers are using video technology to conduct job interviews. And more and more companies are using phone interviews to screen candidates, or in lieu of a first interview. This 10-page guide will give your clients everything they need to know to prepare for a phone interview or video interview, including a "Checklist for a Virtual Interview."
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April 2013
Jobseeker's Guide to Understanding Employment Law
This guide is designed to help your clients understand the laws related to applying for jobs, interviewing, and getting hired. An informed client is a successful client -- include this information on your website, break it into blog posts, and/or include it with every resume package you sell. In addition to a brief summary of relevant laws, each section includes "Relevance to Jobseekers" tips, which explain how the law relates to the jobseeking client.
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May 2013
So, You Got Fired (Or You Think You're About To Get Fired)

Do you get clients who are worried about losing their job? This guide is designed to help them prepare for a layoff or firing. It's structured in two parts -- if you're worried about losing your job, and when you are told you've lost your job. You can add in information about working with a professional resume writer (YOU!) and use it as a free special report to grow your mailing list, or break it into articles or blog posts to drive traffic to your website.
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June 2013
Jobseeker's Guide to Developing a Brag Book
Once only used for "creative" professions, brag books (and online portfolios) are increasingly being used by smart jobseekers to set themselves apart in a highly competitive job market. This special report outlines the uses for a brag book, provides insight into what to include, shows jobseekers how to organize their brag book, and gives advice on how to use a portfolio in an interview.
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July 2013
Career Checklists: 100 Tips for Success In Your Job Search
This Pass-Along Materials package is extremely versatile. It can be used as social media content (for Twitter or Facebook Business Page posts). Each section is its own checklist. Sections include: Research Your Ideal Job/Know What You Want, Find Companies That Are Hiring, Resumes and Cover Letters, Applying Online, Networking, Social Media, Working With Recruiters, Dress for Success, Interview Preparation, Salary Negotiation, References, Changing Careers, and Your First 90 Days In a New Job. Each checklist can be used as a blog post or article. (Not available for purchase.)  

August 2013
Resume Critique Form/LinkedIn Critique Form
(currently available to ALL Bronze members as a bonus of membership!)

Providing a resume or LinkedIn critique is a great client acquisition tool. Giving the prospective client a thorough, objective review of their career communications materials showcases your value as an expert and identifies areas where you can improve their documents. This month's Pass-Along Materials content is a Resume Critique Form (newly updated!) and a brand-new LinkedIn Critique Form. (Not available for purchase.)

September 2013
LinkedIn Profile Update Delivery Document
 [updated April 2015]
Do you provide LinkedIn profile makeovers for your clients? How do you deliver the new content to them? If you've been looking for an instructional guide/delivery document template, this is your lucky day! The prompts in RED are information you can supply (or, if you don't have the info for the client, the red prompts them to include that information). If you don't normally provide anything beyond the Headline, Summary, and Work Experience (first position or two), you can edit the document down to just these elements. You can copy-and-paste within each section if you have multiple items to include (i.e., copy the Project #1 and re-name it Project #2). But the 26-page page guide/template includes ALL the profile editing sections, in case you want to use them! 
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October 2013 Jobseeker's Guide to Getting the Job Offer
This Pass-Along Materials content is designed to fill a void in assembling a comprehensive guide for jobseekers. Previous PAMs have addressed various pieces of the job search process -- salary negotiation, interview questions to ask, how to put together your references list, how to research a company, what to do next with the résumé ... but this guide will teach your clients what they need to do before, during, and after the interview to increase their chances of getting a job offer. The content alludes to some of these things, giving you the opportunity to "plug in" the full PAMs on these topics into the report, but it's designed to be a completely stand-alone piece too. 
Purchase here.  (Sold as a package with the November 2013 PAM content.)

November 2013 Frequently-Asked Questions About Job Offers
A companion piece to the October 2013 PAM package, "Jobseeker's Guide to Getting The Job Offer," this content outlines 10 common scenarios -- for example, what if you are interviewing for multiple jobs and get more than one job offer; what if you have been offered a job with Company A, but you really want an offer from Company B; should I interview for a job I don't really want? And more.
Purchase here. (Sold as a package with the October 2013 PAM content.)

December 2013
Your 2014 Career Roadmap
This month's content is a tool you can give to your clients to help them map out their career plan for 2014. It includes a five-step guide and an action worksheet they can use to develop their roadmap. This would be a great resource to email to your clients as a year-end "thank you" for working with you, or a good five-part series for your blog (make the worksheet a PDF and include the link at the end of each blog post). The content is short, simple, and to the point.
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January 2014 Jobseeker's Guide to Avoid Getting Ripped Off or Scammed In Your Job Search
Retailer Target is in the news because they have exposed more than 100 million of their customers to the potential of having their identity stolen. You know who else is at risk for having their identity stolen? Your clients. They're also vulnerable to scams and "phishing" attacks. This concise guide will walk your clients through some of the most common scams they are at risk for as a jobseeker. (This also makes excellent content for a news release if you want publicity for your resume writing business!)
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February 2014 How to Answer Six Common Questions Jobseekers Ask Resume Writers
This month's Pass-Along Materials is based on a blog post I wrote called, "I Showed The Resume You Wrote To My Friend And She Said..." As a resume writer, there are certain questions we get asked that we should be prepared to answer. You don't have to use my wording exactly (although you are certainly welcome to -- that's the whole point of Pass-Along Materials!) but you should be prepared to respond to clients who ask you these questions:
  • Why does a resume cost so much? (Also expressed as, "I can have Company X write my resume for $59. Why should I pay you $500?")
  • I showed my resume to (my friends, my co-workers, my dog) and they said (insert generic criticism here). Can you change it?
  • Why are resumes written without pronouns? (This is also sometimes expressed as "I don't like how you left all the "I's" out of my resume.")
  • How long should the resume be? (Or, "I heard my resume shouldn't be longer than one page.")
  • Why do I need my resume in multiple formats? (Or "What do I do with this ASCII file?")
  • Why does my resume look different in Microsoft Word than it does as a PDF? (Or "I opened the resume and the formatting is all messed up.")    
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March 2014
Jobseeker's Guide to Informational Interviews
This is a topic that my clients have been asking about. Sarah, one of my current clients, is a recent college graduate who is looking for her first full-time teaching job. I mentioned informational interviews to her, and she had a couple of questions, which are all addressed in this content, including: Who should I interview? What should I saw when I ask them for an informational interview? How do I get ready for the interview (can you give me a list of questions to ask?)? What do I do after the interview? Any other advice?
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April 2014 Jobseeker's Guide to Working With Your Resume Writer
Do you give your new clients a guide to working with you? A list of expectations for having a successful, collaborative relationship as you work with them on developing their resume and career documents? This is a piece I developed for working with my own clients -- and expanded into "10 Simple Things To Help Me Help You." (Not available for purchase.)

May 2014 Jobseeker's Guide to Connecting With a Hiring Manager
As resume writers, we know that our clients aren't going to lay off applying for jobs online … but this PAM content will help them set themselves apart from all the other candidates who simply stop once they've pressed the "Send" button. The guide provides instructions for how to find the name of the hiring manager at a specific company (including a step-by-step guide for researching hiring managers on LinkedIn), and how to find out more about the hiring manager once you have the name.
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June 2014 Jobseeker's Guide to Creating a 30-60-90 Day Plan
Want to help your sales, executive, technical, and administrative candidates set themselves apart from the competition? Encourage them to create a 30-60-90 day plan to address how they can help the company and what they plan to do in the first three months after they are hired. This guide provides instruction on when to develop the plan, how to collect the information to develop the plan (including specific questions to ask in the job interview), tips for formatting the plan, and a template for a 30-60-90 day plan, including sample objectives for each stage in the planYou can give the content to clients to develop their own plan -- or use it to create a new revenue stream an additional service to offer to clients.
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July 2014
Client Management Forms (only available as part of the Dealing with Difficult Clients Bundle)
This content contains eight forms you can use in your resume writing/career coaching business, including:
• Client Agreement Form ("choose your own adventure" version)
• Short Client Agreement Form
• Client Release Form
• Hold Harmless Agreement
• Website Privacy Policy
• Client Termination Letter
• Failed Payment Method
• Referral Request

Purchase here (as part of the "Dealing With Difficult Clients" bundle)

August 2014
Job Search Jump-Start 30-Day Challenge
Have you ever personally done a multi-day challenge? You commit to taking daily action for a specified period of time in order to either receive a desired result or achieve significant traction towards reaching your goal. This month's content provides a guide for jobseekers to doing a 30-Day "Job Search Jump-Start" challenge, including more than 70 individual actions a jobseeker can choose from to take in their job search. There are also 31 daily questions to accompany the challenge, plus two challenge tracking worksheets -- a calendar and a planner. There is also an instruction guide for you, the resume writer, to help you run an effective challenge.
(Not available for purchase.)

September 2014
Jobseeker's Guide to a Confidential Job Search
How can we help our clients who are conducting a confidential job search not be discovered? Many times, as resume writers, we're working to help our clients get the word out far and wide that they're looking for a new opportunity … but what if the client wants to keep their job search under wraps? This guide will help. It includes three major sections: How NOT to Get Noticed on LinkedIn, Other Don'ts To Consider in a Confidential Job Search, and Here Are Some "Dos" for a Confidential Job Search.
Purchase here.

October 2014
Positive Encouragement for Jobseekers (Tweetable Tips)
This PAM was requested by a subscriber! Includes 100 tweetable tips, plus longer (but still shareable) quotes. You can also turn them into shareable graphics by combining them with a stock graphic. (Make sure you have the rights to any graphics you use — purchasing stock photos is a sure-fire way to do this.) You can also set up an autoresponder and deliver one quote a day to clients to keep them inspired and motivated!
(Not available for purchase.)

November 2014
Finding a Job During the Holidays AND
7 Things To Get Ready For Your Job Search
Many of our clients are under the (false) impression that hiring stops between Thanksgiving and New Year's. These two resources will help them end the year with a bang (not a whimper) by giving them specific strategies they can use in their job search during the holidays.
(Not available for purchase.)    

December 2014
What To Do When Your Job Search Isn't Working

This guide can be used with existing clients or to draw in prospects. It's designed to help jobseekers who are lost or stuck in their job search through self-assessment and practical tips. The report gives jobseekers a description of the five major ways to find a job and tips for conducting a more effective job search. Includes two worksheets -- a self-assessment form and "Your Ideal Job" worksheet.
Purchase here.

January 2015
What Do Jobseekers Need?
This month's Pass-Along Materials content is a bit unusual. Surveys can help you with your marketing, give you information to help you decide what additional services you may want to offer clients, and a great way to earn repeat business and referrals. These Pass-Along Materials include several simple surveys you can use to learn more about what prospects and clients need -- and want -- help with in their job search. I want to see at least ONE of the questions in Survey #1 from you on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn this month! 
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February 2015
When to Hire a Reference Checking Service

If your client is getting interviews -- and they're going well -- but then not getting job offers, his or her references might be the issue. Suggesting a paid reference checking service might help identify the source of the problem. This 5-page guide will explain why it can be helpful, how the process works, and things to consider when hiring a reference checking company. It also profiles three reference checking services and outlines what the jobseeker can do if the company uncovers references providing negative information. 
Purchase here.

March 2015
Client Management Forms -- Prospect & Client Communication

This is the second part of Client Management Forms (the first was released July 2014). The goal is to help you with client on-boarding processes. Included in this package are: Prospective Client Inquiry (Without Resume), Quote Request (Client Sent Resume), Send With Worksheet, Work Authorization, Client Strategy Worksheet, Send With Drafts, Send With Final Files, File Instructions, and a Proof Notice. 
(Not available for purchase.)

April 2015
Why You Need a Resume

Prospective clients know they need a resume if they're looking for a job -- but this 4-page document will also give them a dozen other reasons why they may need a resume. It also includes a section on "Why To Update Your Resume Now" and "Why To Keep Your Resume Updated." The content can be used in an initial email to prospects, as a blog post, online article, or can be posted on your website. (The last section can also be included in an email to clients when you send their final files.)
(Not available for purchase.)

May 2015
Tweetable Tips

Boost your visibility on social media by providing concise job search advice! This PAM content provides 100 tips in 140 characters or less. Some are educational; some are motivational; some are just common sense. Some are designed to be thought-proking, and others are designed to inspire engagement or interaction with you.
Purchase here.

June 2015
Social Media Audit for Jobseekers

More than half of employers say they have rejected an applicant because of what they have found on the jobseeker's social media profiles. This guide (with worksheets) will help them assess their current social media presence using a five-step audit process.    
Purchase here.

July 2015
The Social Job Search: Jobseeker's Guide to Developing a Social Media Plan

After you've given your client the tools to audit their social media presence, this 5-step plan will help them create, cultivate, and curate their social media accounts. Includes checklists of specific tasks to complete to establish a social media presence and daily activities to engage online to build their network, increase their chances of being found, and get their network to help them identify possible job opportunities.
Purchase here.

August 2015
LinkedIn 30-Day Challenge Guide
LinkedIn 30-Day Challenge Instructions
LinkedIn 30-Day Challenge Planner
LinkedIn 30-Day Challenge Calendar

Challenges are hugely popular, and a great way to motivate jobseekers to work on (and complete!) a task! With a challenge, you commit to taking daily action for specified period of time in order to either receive a desired result or achieve significant traction towards reaching your goal. This month's content provides a guide for jobseekers to doing a 30-Day LinkedIn Challenge, including 60 individual actions a jobseeker can choose from to improve their LinkedIn profile. There are also two challenge tracking worksheets -- a calendar and a planner. There is also an instruction guide for you, the resume writer, to help you run an effective challenge.
(Not available for purchase.)  

September 2015
The Jobseeker's Guide to What To Do After the Job Interview
This is one my clients have been asking for: I've interviewed...now what? This brief guide outlines what to do after the job interview, including a template for a thank you note, five things to do while you wait to hear back on the next step (whether that's a second interview or a job offer), and it answers that all-important question jobseekers want to know: HOW and WHEN to follow-up (without being seen as a pest).
Purchase here.

October 2015
Client Frequently-Asked Questions

Keep this PAM content handy for when you get asked these questions by jobseekers:
• Isn't my resume supposed to be one page? (Dispelling the one-page resume myth)
• Why aren't there any pronouns on my resume? (Explaining resume tense)
• Why do I have to pay you in full before we start? (100% payment up front)
• Can I get a "generic" resume?
• Why do you charge more than other resume services?
You can copy-and-paste these answers into an email when you're asked by a client, or post them on your website in a "Frequently-Asked Questions" section. Or turn any one of them into a blog post or article!    
(Not available for purchase)

November 2015
Jobseeker's Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems (Newly updated November 2015)

Applicant tracking systems have changed the hiring process -- and how resume writers write resumes and educate clients about applying online. These resources will help you -- and your clients -- navigate the applicant tracking system software and avoid the ATS "black hole." Also includes ATS checklist, best practices for working with Applicant Tracking Systems and a one-page guide "FAQs about the ATS").
Purchase here.

December 2015
Best Year Ever Career Planner

If you write down your goals, you are 42% more likely to achieve them. This Carer Planner guide includes 25+ pages of questions to provide a year-end review and goal-setting -- both personally and professionally -- followed by a dated weekly planner. (Includes a version that also includes a "Career Motivation" tip each week). 
(Not available for purchase.)

January 2016
Managing Your Career Brand
(done-for-you workshop)
This is a done-for-you presentation that you can use for either lead-building (a free presentation to generate resume and/or LinkedIn inquiries) or as a paid teleseminar or webinar. The package includes a script, PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and promotional tools.
(Not available for purchase.)

February 2016
How to Know When It's Time to Make a Job or Career Change

This resource includes the following sections: What make make you want to make a change? Change jobs, or change careers? Things to consider. Practical steps for your job or career change. Includes accompanying worksheet: "Career Change Self-Assessment"
Purchase here.

March 2016
Developing Your Personal/Professional Development Plan (PDP)

This is a tool to use with clients to help them create a plan to advance in their careers. It includes six areas of focus, including Career. The content includes a two-page Personal/Professional Assessment Worksheet (which can be used as a standalone tool), the three-page Personal/Professional Development Plan worksheet, and a sample (completed) Peronal/Professional Development Plan.
Purchase here.

April 2016
Jobseeker's Guide to a Modern Job Search

Are you working with any clients who haven't looked for a new job since the last century? Clients who haven't looked for a job in 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more may need help in conducting a "modern" job search -- or, at the very least, you may have to give them insight into "what works" these days.
Purchase here.

May 2016
Career Checklists #2: 100 More Tips for Success In Your Job Search

You asked for it, and here it is! Another "checklists" Pass-Along Materials package -- this time, focusing on checklists covering: Why You Need a Resume, Career Changing, Career Planning, Getting Ready for the Job Search, Conducting a Social Media Audit, Increasing Social Media Participation (including Doing More on LinkedIn), Managing Your Personal Brand, Applying Online, What To Do After the Job Interview, When to Hire a Reference Checking Service, What To Do When Your Job Search Isn't Working, and Making Sure You're Not Falling For Common Myths About Jobseeking.
(Not available for purchase.)

June 2016
Job Search Letters (Letters of Acceptance, Refusal, and Resignation)

These templates can be used by you to craft letters of acceptance, letters of refusal, or resignation letters for your clients to use in their job search -- OR you can give them the guide and they can craft their own letters.
Purchase here.

July 2016
Jobseeker's Guide to Cover Letters

Cover letters have changed over the years, and this guide is designed for you to give clients along with their completed documents (which may include a cover letter or e-note template) OR you can publish it as educational material on your blog or website. Includes content on formatting your cover letter, when to send an e-note and not a cover letter, four things you must include in your cover letter, how to customize a cover letter template, and cover letter tips and tricks. Also includs a cover letter checklist.
Purchase here.

August 2016
Jobseeker's Guide to Comparing Job Offers

This guide will help clients who are considering a job offer -- or who are choosing among multiple job offers. It includes two worksheets: Your Ideal Job and "Comparing Two Job Offers," including descriptions about how to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison for things like job benefits. Makes an excellent stand-alone guide or combined with "Jobseeker's Guide to Getting the Offer."
Purchase here.

September 2016
Show Me The Money
(done-for-you workshop)
This done-for-you workshop is a ready-to-go presentation that you can use for either lead-building (a free presentation to generate inquiries for salary negotiation or mock interview training) or as a paid teleseminar or webinar. The package includes a script, PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and promotional tools.
(Not available for purchase.)

October 2016
The 27 Mistakes Jobseekers Make In Their Job Search

This is an excellent lead generation tool for resume writers. Educate jobseekers while you help them identify why their job search might not be working. This Pass-Along Materials content is in the form of a checklist, but you can adapt it to an article format, or even a quiz.

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